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Istanbul as the largest city in the whole Turkey and located between Marmara Sea and the Black Sea, is a great place for different kind of entertainment. You will be surprised, how much tis different culture place can offer for everyone who goes there. To enjoy most of it, a great way is to book some Istanbul escorts companion who will help you to move through or to various places so you won’t need to look all the time in the map and ask people where to go. They also will be a great choice just for having some adult fun at a hotel or near the beach. If you choose them when enjoying life with friends in Istanbul, it also will be a great choice as you will never be bored.

One of the top things that tourists are various beaches which gives the opportunity to enjoy the great Bosphorus waters as well as a bit further from the center – the Black Sea which offers even bigger range of watersports. There is also popular public beach Yorukali Plaj as there almost always are someone using jet-skis from the renting kiosks, pedaloes and parascending rides. If you will have Turkish escorts with friends beside you, you will never be bored and will simply the love the view of their bodies in swimming suits. These chicks can also advise you to go to Asva which is one of the Marmara Islands with a ferry, making it also a great ride. Usually there are accessible some fresh sea and local food so you will only be winter choosing to go to some further Island.

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In the winter time despite that winter here isn’t so much explicit, there still are many activities of that can offer different places. One of the most popular one is Uludag National Park. The busiest times there is around January and March. There are slopes with together 22 lifts and around 30 different places where to stay overnight. You can only imagine how great it would be to stay with a really hot girl overnight when you come from the mountain and feel exhausted and could. She will help you to get warm quicker than you think. Of course the city is also full of places that need to be explored and seen. Russian Istanbul escort definitely will help with that. In some ways they are even better than the ordinary tour guides as you won’t need to listen to long speeches, but get the basic information that will be more memorable. The greatest remains this city has from the Byzantine Empire is Hagia Dophia or in easier translation Church of Devine Wisdom. In the 15th century to it was added minarets, tombs and fountains. As it later become a museum, there are seen many Byzantine time remains. Other great building, which has many balconied minarets, domes and slender, is Sultanahmet Cmii or Blue Mosque. It is the symbolic center of religious demonstrations so here can freely feel the Islamic impact on the culture. As remain from Ottoman times is also Topkapi Palace (Topkapi Sarayi). There are great series of interconnected courtyards and inward and get the impression of the extravagant empire. There also is located a museum with will be even more interesting place for real history lovers. Great building is also Yerebatan Sarayi (Basilica Cistern) that also comes from the Byzantine times and has been named as the Byzantine Great Palace, but actually was just a water reservoir. Walking through the wooden walkways creates really atmospheric feeling like going back in time. there also are many column bases and remains from the pre-Christian temples. One of the best places where to get the view from the city is the top of Galata Tower. This tower is 62 m high and has also a nightclub and a restaurant in it. There are also belly dancers that will also show their great body, but we don’t think that they will be as great as the booked sexy lady beside you.

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Shopping lovers shouldn’t miss Kapali Çarşisi (Grand Bazaar) which is one of the best known markets in whole Istanbul and there can not only buy almost anything you want, but also feel the influence of past when there were Silk Road traders with camels selling their goods. As there are over 60 different streets that looks like labyrinths, you will evaluate the need for CDC escorts that will guide through it all and probably also lower the prices to the things you like to buy. There also can find two mosques and also some eating places so there won’t be need to leave the place as quick as you buy all the things. Other popular place is Misir Çarşisi (Egyptian or Spice Market) which faces the Golden Horn, making it a great place for eating and enjoying the culture. There can buy really great food like various cheeses, olives, caviar, some Turkish delight, etc. Nightlife in Istanbul also has pretty high level as almost wherever you go, you can see cafés, bars, clubs, etc. places where to have fun. Escort in Istanbul would advise the best places and you won’t need to search the whole internet to find the most accessible place for you. Most of the entertainment places are located near the water of Asian side of Bosphorus, Kadikoy and some other places that are easy accessible and you can also get more intimate moving more away from other crowd and still hear music. One of the most vivid bars is Dogzstal, where also is live music at the end of the week. Trendy club is Anjelique which is named also as one of the best restaurant-dance club venue. There is also awesome view from the city skyline. Istanbul is full of things to explore and you will be fully delighted about your choice as you will also have some great Ukrainian Dubai escort companions that will also not only show the city, but be ready to drown into some more intimate journey.

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